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Trophy raid competition Gladiatorai 4×4 will be held in Lithuania from 12 – 14 September, 2014 and the structure of this competition will be 5 in one.

It means that at the same time 5 different competitions will take place:


 1. Stage 3 of 4×4 NEZ Championship;

2. Lithuania Open Off-road driving Championship 2014;

3. Stage 4 of Latvian Open Trophy raid championship;

4. Stage 4 of Tourism cup of Latvian Open Trophy raid championship;

5. Stage 2 of Lithuanian Off-road driving cup (Lithuanian Mud Eagle)

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Such structure of competition means that the competitors can have good achievements in at least three categories, if their vehicle and crew is properly prepared. That could be quite a challenge!

As it is usually in Lithuania – off-road festival is a festival not only for the competitors but also for the local municipality, inhabitants and spectators. To maintain the festive atmosphere during the opening ceremony the mayor of Šveinčionys city who is also the president of organization committee gives a speech and a parade of 4×4 vehicles is held in the city.


It will all start on Friday at 13:30, in Sariai  – as usual official part of competitions starts with administrative commission, followed by technical commission. Organizer have prepared six special stages and the first of them – Prologue – is planned on Friday, 12 September at 18:15. This competition in Lithuania has always been interesting and each time there were a surprise prepared for drivers. Possibly the biggest challenge was the legend driving during the night, which could be characterized by the phrase: “Keep calm. And go back to the place You can recognize! Repeat as many times as necessary.” For this years’ competition organizer is preparing a selection of best Special stages from last 4 years. There will be off-road driving laps and legend, only during daytime. For category TR1 the track will be really passable, the only thing left are negotiations with Mother Nature so that she wouldn’t pour so much. Great diversity in road surfaces – classics of off-road: swamp, clay, paths in the woods. Another great thing is that there is a Mud Eagle competition in Lithuania too. Only there it is called TR33 (the same as Latvian Little Mud Eagle) and TR34 (the same as Latvian Big Mud Eagle).



Before the Stage 4 of Latvian Open Trophy raid championship in Lithuania the leader in category TR1 is Aigars Ragovskis with his steersmen Aivis Japins, Oskars Strēlnieks and Dmitrijs Savicikis. In the second place so far is Viktors Pohomovs with his steersman Viesturs Tučins, but they have pretty good chances to make changes in overall evaluation table. While participating in only one stage – in Rugāji – the Russians Viktor Stolyarchuk and Maksim Kamyshov are in third place now and have good chances to end up on the pedestal of Latvian Open Trophy raid championship.

Whereas the situation in 4×4 NEZ Championship in category TR1 is slightly different – here the leaders are Viktor Stolyarchuk and Maksim Kamyshov followed by Dzintars Urniežus, Indulis Pakalnītis and Jānis Kancāns. Leaders of Latvian Championship – Aigars Ragovskis, Aivis Japins, Oskars Strēlnieks and Dmitrijs Savicikis – only in third place.

This year there was only one stage where category TR3 was evaluated. The leaders in Latvian Championship are Ivan Shihotarov and his steersman Evgenij Sahvoruk. Second place Vilnis Zeiza and Artūrs Melnis. And so far in the third place are Armands Apsītis and Agnis Asmis. The same situation for category TR3 is in 4×4 NEZ Championship.


In the category ATV the leaders in Latvian Championship are Kārlis Svārups together with Eduards Grāvītis.

But the situation for ATV’s in 4×4 NEZ Championship is different – leaders are Andey Mironchik and Alexey Tuzov, followed by Normunds Bačinskis and Rihards Ennītis, and in the third place are the leaders of Latvian Championship Kārlis Svārups and Eduards Grāvītis.

In the Tourism Cup the Freibergs dynasty team has so far been invincible. There is a little hope that Tourism Cup will bore Ints Freibergs and we would see him next year participating again in one of the sports’ categories. In the second place is another legend of off-road driving in Latvia – Arnis Pušs with his team-mates Alvis Reinšmits, Edmunds Melveris and Edvards Ošups. In the third place are Artūrs Kuncis with steersmen Oskars Žvagins, Ainārs Naglis and Kristaps Jānis Kuncis.

Leaders of the Little Mud Eagle are Vadims Seleckis and Sanita Selecka, followed by Ēvalds Madernieks with team-mates Igors Ļeonovičs and Jānis Vētra. In the third place is Nikolajs Stepanovs together with Aļģis Pekunas and Māris Olehnovičs.

Leaders of the Big Mud Eagle are Ģirts Gailītis with Edgars Miķelsons, followed by Kārlis Birznieks and Valdis Ločmelis. In the third place – Ivans Bergmanis, Mārtiņš Jēkabsons and Juris Stonks.

Dear Latvian drivers of sports categories, tourists, eagles, ATV drivers, friends, relatives and all other mud lovers! Be welcome to go to Lithuania to support and to cheer for your favourites.

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