May 052016

(07.07.2016 – 10.07.2016)

The „Suur Maasturite Suvesõit“ (Summer Race), which the Estonian 4×4 motor sportsmen have voted to be the top EAL Estonian 4×4 Offroad competition in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015, is a contest of proficiency and orientation for 4×4 vehicles, that has the longest tradition in Estonia. The Summer Race, which will already be the 16th in its turn, shall take place in the county of Viljandimaa in the Kõpu area from July 7, 2016 to July 10, 2016. „Killing two birds with one stone“, the contest will simultaneously be Stage III of the EAL Estonian 4×4 Offroad Championship and Stage II of the Trophy Raid NEZ Championship.

During the three busy days of the competition, more than half hundred 4×4 Sport vehicles and ATV-s, both from Estonia and abroad, will compete in stages of various difficulty and competence, passing through the different check-up points. A most thrilling and challenging two-day adventure also awaits the 4×4 Tourist class sportsmen. For them the contest will be a real touchstone and probation time before joining the more serious and demanding Sport class. A singular pecularity of The Summer Race shall be the aqua (water) trials. Therefore, the additional equipment of the 4×4 TR-1 class vehicles is expected to include any floating gadgets of creative character and appearance. Making use of the mentioned devices, promises yet another exciting challenge for the participants and a funny and enjoyable show for the spectators. The course of the contest is strictly regulated and based on the highest safety rules in collaboration with the traffic police. All the competition areas have been negotiated and brought into line with the landowners. One of the governing principles of all 4×4 motor sportsmen is a well-meaning and caring attitude towards nature, accompanied by a genuine sporty courtesy to fellow – competitors  and to all those involved in the contest.

The organizers have had the pleasure to witness how, with years, The Summer Race has also developed into an unofficial „Summer Days“ for all those taking a keen interest in 4×4 vehicles – there is the ever-growing number of participating teams and the constantly increasing amount of spectators to prove it. The camp site is fully equipped with convenient washing facilities, catering and an after-race entertainment programme in the evenings.

The Summer Race in numbers: 30 4×4 Sport class vehicles, 14 ATV-s and in addition 20 Tourist class vehicles participated in the 2015 competition. The number of registered participants amounted to 120. As The Summer Race 2016 is also included in the International 4×4 NEZ series, we are looking forward to hosting a record amount of roughly 70 teams. Please find more detailed information about The Summer Race on the following sites:, http://eal.4×

The full commitment of the organizers and the years-long experience, received as competitors and organizers both in Estonia and abroad, allows us to guarantee yet another agreeable and fully enjoyable event to all those interested. Looking forward to seeing you at The Suur Maasturite Suvesõit 2016!

Gunnar Obolenski, Chief Organizer, Mobile phone +3725060302,

Arto Künnapas, Chief Referee, Mobile phone +3725090585,

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