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 LR A3en ru w

Iteractive oriented game

Entry – saite

LR Event – saite

LR  schedule – saite

Before the start, all crew members, must to take a photo with crew car and send the photo to the organizers.

In this task, all the participants starts at the same time.

Organisers supply a map with defined area, where will be set out waypoints(WPT).

When participants starts, organizers will publish 3-5 waypoints(WPT) in  facebook page https://www.facebook.com/4x4propaganda

Participant, whose first found a waypoint(WPT), must take a photo of it and share in

https://www.facebook.com/4x4propaganda   page

Founded waypoint confirmed for crew, whose photo first appeared in facebook page

On shared photo  must be seen  the crew number

Founded waypoint (WPT) is „Erased“ and other participants do not search it anymore.

Wins the crew, who during the playing time find, take photos and upload most waypoints(WPT).

If several or more crews gathered the same amount of waypoints, higher position takes the crew, who pass the task faster.

Skill task “Do you know how to use rear view and wing mirrors?”

Reversing around obstacles . For toppled or pushed obstacles, crew will be penalized by a 5 seconds fine.

Wins the crew, who overcomes the route „cleaner“ and faster.

The theoretical task „All about Land Rover“

Participants will have to answer  a questions about the land Rover.

Wins the crew, who correctly answered in all/ most  questions.

If several or more crews correctly answered the same amount of questions, higher position takes the crew, who pass the task faster.


2016.01. 23

Расположение: Кемпинг „Obuolių sala“
Координаты: 55.160601, N 25.310206 E (WGS)
Cсылка: нажмите здесь

Location: Camping „Obuolių sala“

Coordinates:  N 55.160601, E 25.310206 (WGS)

Maps.lt link: click here

9:00 – 9:45 – Pегистрация участников мероприятия / Registration

9:45 – Cобрание участников и организаторов / Meeting of participants and organizers (briefing)
10:30 – Старт события / Event start

16:30 – Финиш события / Event finish
16:30 – 17:30 – Просмотр видео материалов / Video of the off – road competitions preview

17:30 – 18:15 – Объевление результатов, награждение / Announcement of results and awards




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