Jan 162017

The competition will take place 10-12. February 2017.

Results: link

Registration – link, list of particiapnts

Regulations – link

The event center is located in Harju County Kose municipality Kiruvere village Paunküla Welfare Centre (http://www.paunkula.ee), where you can spend the night, bathe and eat and drink. Accommodation is limited, therefore we recommend to make advance booking. You can also spend the night in the competition center and 3 km from the place Ardu Guesthouse.

Classes are for ATV, TR-1, TR-3, free (open) and the Free + (+ OPEN).
Competitors must be in the home country of the Union or motorsports UEA issued by a one-time or annual license to a competitor.

Mandate and technical inspection will take place at the competition center 02/10/2017 at 15:00 until 18:30. On the same evening at 20.00 Prologue driven, the speed of which is relatively short section, the results of which will be set according to the starting order for the next day.

11/02/2017 competition starts the day at 9:00. Driving in about ten stages, from which a few pieces of the guidance and the rest of the so-called rally-raid-type speed a character attempts. Meanwhile, in the woods in a lunch break, which can be arranged at the expense of hot soup. Competition day should end no later than 22.00.

02/12/2017 Closing Ceremony and the ceremony will take place in the morning.

The competition entry fee is € 165 per team, plus € 165 loodushoiudeposiit, which will be returned after the end of the race in the absence of complaints.


Rasmus Himma

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