May 172016


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This year competition will take place at 13-15th of May in Oro village, Orava parish, Põlva County, Estonia. Race is a part of Estonian Off-Road Racing Championship, first race. There are racing Estonian best competitors and also competitors from neighbouring countries (Finland, Latvia, Russia and others).

Oro-offroad-1-p2ev-261 Oro-offroad-1-p2ev-328

Oro Offroad history goes to year 2009, since when there has been arranged different kind of offroad races.

One of the biggest races was 2013 Estonian Off-Road Racing Championship second race. Competitors and

spectators feedback was very good for that race. Race track is specially designed for Off-Road Racing, it

offers a lot of adrenalin and thrill for competitors and also for spectators. Special attention is dedicated to

spectators, there are course to best watching places and all of the track is very good to see and hear.

There are camping area, catering and entertainment program close to racing track.

It is three days full of off-road racing cars, trucks, ATVs and fun for everyone.

You definitely don’t regret if you come to Oro offroad track.

You can contact us in English:


Phone: +372 5349 6563

Finnish: +372 506 6049


FRIDAY 13/05/2016

16:00 to 20:00 TR-1, ET1 and ET2 qualifications laps

20:00–> entertaining program

SATURDAY 14/05/2016

09.00 TR-1 layout, meeting, start

13:00 ET1 layout, meeting, start

16:30 ATV layout, meeting, start

17:30 ENDURO layout, meeting, start

19:00 tractor pulling

Rewarding Ceremony

22:00 entertaining program

SUNDAY 15/05/2016

09.00 ET2 layout, meeting, start

13:00 TRUCK layout, meeting, start

16:00 Rewarding Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

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